"Photography is nothing. It is life that interests me."

(Henri Cartier-Bresson)

I grew up surrounded by other children. I had three siblings and 17 very close cousins. Almost all lived nearby. Lucky me! My childhood was extraordinary. It's a shame not having even one picture of that time.


Don’t worry! Of course I have pictures of when I was a kid. Blowing birthday candles, being all dressed up in the wedding of an uncle, dressed as a Native-American during the Brazilian Carnival... So many pictures. But they are pictures of special occasions. They don't feel like everyday life.


When I started photographing children, I found myself thinking: if I could go back in time, what kind of pictures would I like to have of my own childhood? I had no doubt: I would freeze the look of my father completely enchanted peeking me in the crib in my early days at home. My older brother, sitting on the couch, holding me up without knowing how. My mother giving me baby food or helping me to take the first steps still unbalanced. Laughter (and fights) divided with my cousins at my grandma’s house.


Definitely I would choose to have photos of everyday life, with real scenes, able to in the future evoke affective memories. And that is what I dedicate myself to as a childhood photographer. I found out later that this style has a name: documentary family photography.

Patricia Pereira, journalist and photographer, was born in Brazil. She specializes in registering childhood (just the way as it is ...)

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